2022 Spring 3×3

Road to the Manitoba 3×3 Championships

The Spring Tour will take place over the three weeks leading up to the Manitoba 3×3 Championship on June 25th and 26th.
Tour Information
  • Age 19+ Men’s and Women’s Competetive Divisions
  • Age 19+ Men’s and Women’s Recreational Divisions
  • All teams will have 9 matches leading up to the Basketball Manitoba 3×3 Championships.
  • Each division leader will be granted FREE registration into the Manitoba 3×3 Championships on June 25-26th.
  • Weekday evening games (We can work with all team’s availability to avoid conflicts with other events)
  • Games to be played at WMBA high-quality outdoor courts. (Dakota CC, Corydon, Whyteridge, Garden City, Oxford Heights, Kirkfield-Westwood)
  • Registration Fee is $110 per player

Canada Quest Pathway

The 19+ Men’s and Women’s Competitive divisions will be granted FREE registration into the Manitoba 3×3 Championships Canada Quest Qualifier Division. The Winners of the Canada Quest Qualifier move on to play in Toronto for a chance to win $30,000 and an entry into one of the most prestigious FIBA events World Tour Montreal.

Important Dates
  • May 24th: Registration opens
  • June 1st: Registration closes
  • June 2nd-3rd: Administration, building teams, assigning teams, scheduling
  • June 4th- 19th: 3×3 Competition (9 games)
  • June 25/26th: Division leaders/champions participate in the Basketball Manitoba 3×3 Championships (Ages 11+)
Team captains should select Register your Team and then players can register specifically for that team via invite code using Register to a Team. Players who have never played before or who do not have a specific team with whom they want to play may register individually using Register as a Participant. Generally, we will group players from the same area and create a team then work to find a coach or manager for the team.

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