League Fees

2023-2024 Senior Fees

Teams can pay their league fees in one lump sum or by installments. Installment payments are subject to an administration fee. 

Early Bird [Save $200!] Registration Period: August 4th – August 25th

  • Team Registration: $2950 + $200* deposit (due August 25th, 2023)
    • or First Installment: $2000 + $200* deposit (due August 25th, 2023) / Second Installment: $1000 (due December 1st, 2023)
  • Free Agent Registration: $295

Registration Period: August 26th – September 14th

  • Team Registration: $3150 + $200* deposit (due September 14th, 2023)
    • or First Installment: $2200 + $200* deposit (due September 14th, 2023) / Second Installment: $1000 (due December 1st, 2023)
  • Free Agent Registration: $315

*All teams must pay a $200 default deposit in addition to league fees. Returning teams will be automatically credited their previous year’s deposit provided no games defaulted.

Important Note: Basketball Manitoba Membership/Insurance costs have been removed from the overall team cost. Instead, a $33.50 membership fee will be collected individually from each player. Like previous years, the fee covers the required Basketball Manitoba Membership/Insurance and photo ID.

Moving to this format will ensure we receive the necessary waivers and contact information from each player. It will also help reduce costs for those who play in Summer League or on more than one team as coverage will be valid for the entire year and across multiple teams.

2023-24 Important Dates:

September 16th: Captains Meeting (Zoom)

September 17th: Season Opener

October 8th: Thanksgiving (no games)

November 19th: Grey Cup (no games)

December 18th: January 6th: Holliday Break (no games)

February 11th: Superbowl (no games)

March 10th: Last Regular Season Game

March 17th: First Round of Playoffs

April 7th: Semi-Finals

April 14th: Championships

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