ALL-STAR 2018-19

The annual Peg City All-Star event is scheduled for Saturday, March 16th. The event will start at 2:00 PM at the Sport For Life Centre. Music, Divisional All-Star Games,  3-pt shooting competition, and a cutting edge skills competition teams/players. There will be limited space for qualifiers for the 3-pt shooting and skills competition but is open to everyone on a first come first serve basis. 


  • 2:00 Division 5 All-Star Game
  • 3:15 3-pt shooting qualifiers
  • 3:45 Division 4 All-Star Game
  • 5:00 3-pt shooting qualifiers
  • 5:30 Division 3 All-Star Game
  • 6:45 3-pt shooting qualifiers
  • 7:15 Division 1/2 All-Star Game
  • 8:30 3-pt Championship

The following players have been selected to represent your teams in the Divisional All-Star Games: 

Peter LomuroKurtis Sansregret
Wyatt AndersDharmpal Brar
Anto RaicJon Wilner
Vince MunozJaharaqa Metaxas
Cyril IndomeElliot Unger
Torez McKoyDustin Robson-Flatt
Patrick JordanTrudon Bofoya
Donny HayesDaman Morisette
Daren WattsDan Penner
Keegan SlijkerMatt Thomas


Alan HuangOdik Opap
Jay JaiBarnabas Njoroge
Kuch AkeenChris Demauleon-Bartolay
Brandon MurdockGarrick Hutsal
Damian DrzewiecAndrew Sulivan
Henri Dos SantosSteven Tran
Kendall PerpallSean Rudolph
Rob KilmartinJT Herr
Chris ByrnesBrett Jewell
Phil Swart


Sam BereketabMatt Bedard
Anuna OjwatoTed Oakley
Martin BazinMatt Fedak
Mike DuruptTyson Jensen
Jon BlumbergAwot Btseamlak
Chris MorrissetteSteve Smith
Brett CarterAndrew Glowa
Cole BurfootBrent Schmidt
Kito PoblahShawn Madore


Andrew CarpioKelly Saunders
Adam TingskouJoesph Osiname
Brandon MonkmanKegan Hopper
Jon KuzJoshua Van Wallegham
Mitch ReschkeSuvig Dua
Caleb DorringtonKurt Iguis
Anthony OkekeBosko Zorcic
Rob CookMitchell Beaudin
Guillaume AllainBrayden Neufeld

Players will be provided jerseys and will play against the other top players in the division.

3 Point Shootout

Every year we also hold a shooting competition. There will be 30 mins of qualifying time between all-star games. The final will begin after the D1/2 game at 8:30 pm.  There will be limited space for each of the 3 qualifying rounds, so make sure you sign your teammates up as soon as possible. It would be great to have at least one rep from every team.

Please register by emailing

3:15 3-pt shooting qualifiers
5:00 3-pt shooting qualifiers
6:45 3-pt shooting qualifiers
8:30 3-pt Championship

Skills Challenge\Combine

We will have a number of skills challenges available on Court 3. This is an extra way for your team to be competitive with one another as well as see your scores against the whole field. We will be working with RISE Sport Testing, they will have some of the latest combine technology available to us and will be a whole lot of fun for those that are interested. There will be limited space for this event and I will take registrations on a first come basis. Please email me if your team would be interested. It will take your team about 30 minutes to run through the entire set. 

Station 1: 10M sprint with ball Challenge
Station 2: Pass and Shoot Challenge
Station 3:Weave Agility Challenge
Station 4: Long-Range Shooting Challenge
Station 5:Transistion-Crossover Dribble Challenge
Station 6: Reaction Challenge
Station 7: Vertical Jump Challenge

Please email if your team would be interested in taking part in the Skills Challenge and 3 pt shooting on Saturday.
Prizes are TBD.